Interagency Interoperability Oversight Group

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THE INTERAGENCY INTEROPERABILITY OVERSIGHT GROUP (IIOG) is committed to the development and fostering of interoperable network and land mobile radio communications between and among the land managing agencies of the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest Service to meet the program and mission requirements of those agencies. Operating at the executive level, the IIOG is comprised of chief information officers and program managers who have the authority and responsibility to commit resources to establish strategic solutions, resolve policy and technical barriers, and integrate among agency and program governance organizations.

The IIOG envisions, and will strive to accomplish, interoperability solutions that integrate and combine existing voice and data networks to provide transparent and seamless communications, services, and access to data by agency program users. The IIOG seeks solutions that share agency resources and capabilities rather than solutions that merely connect systems to each other.

The IIOG sponsors projects that promote its vision, using the resources of its members. Projects are designed to demonstrate feasibility; implementation of enterprise or program solutions based on the results of projects is the responsibility of agencies and programs. However, the IIOG will provide a forum for coordinating and guiding implementation to achieve its vision and goals. (more details...)

The IIOG provides a forum for the resolution of policy and program differences that impede its vision and goals, and to coordinate the development and implementation of policies and programs that enable the vision and goals.

The IIOG collaborates and coordinates with partners from other federal and non-federal organizations and agencies to promote its goals and objectives.

The IIOG goals are:

  • Integrated, seamless network services and access for all accredited users
  • Integrated, seamless reliable land mobile radio services and coverage that allow communication to meet program business requirements
  • Cooperative, combined well maintained radio facilities jointly operated and maintained by benefitting agencies
  • Use of proven technologies that allow communication among the land managing agencies and with federal and non-federal partners
  • Integrated maintenance and management of network and land mobile radio networks and equipment
  • Best practices for planning, investment, budgeting, and management of network and land mobile radio capabilities